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This morning, we would like you to complete at least one¬†crossword, quiz or wordsearch¬†from the links below. Some of the topics we haven’t covered in a lot of detail so you might want to spend a bit of time finding out more about them once you have completed an activity.

Board games were very common in ancient Egypt and people from all levels of society played them. Many game boards from ancient Egypt have been found by archaeologists. However, the rules explaining how to play these games have not survived. By studying game boards and other evidence, experts have made some educated guesses about how these games were played.

This is your ICT task for this morning.

Egyptian Tomb Adventure

Join the expedition to explore an Egyptian tomb. You will need to decipher hieroglyphs and examine various artefacts including a mummy.

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Explore these two websites. Make notes about them, saying what you have found out.

Here are the two websites for the charities we are looking at in RE.

  1. Islamic Relief
  2. Christian Aid

Remember to think about these questions when you are exploring the sites:

  • Is it interesting?
  • Is it educational?
  • Will it increase support for the charity?
  • How could it be improved?

Make a list of 5 things that are good about each and make three detailed suggestions about how they could be improved.

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Literacy Web Links:

Numeracy Web Links:

This is the site you need for our main ICT class lessons: Northumberland Grid For Learning Site

This is the site you need to use for your Ancient Egypt research task: Ancient Egypt: Woodlands Junior School

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Last week we also looked at Dinobase: