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This morning, we would like you to complete at least one crossword, quiz or wordsearch from the links below. Some of the topics we haven’t covered in a lot of detail so you might want to spend a bit of time finding out more about them once you have completed an activity.

This is the site you need for your Tudor Monarchs research task: Woodlands Junior School – Tudors

Tudor England had six kings and queens. Find out three things about each of them.

Henry VII (1485 – 1509)

Henry VIII (1509 – 1547)

Edward VI (1547 – 1553)

Jane Grey (1553 – 1553)

Mary I (1553 – 1558)

Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603)

Explore some of the websites listed on the “The Tudors: A List Of Useful Web Sites” page of Mr Pitts’ website and make notes about any interesting things you find out on the back of this page.

Explore these two websites. Make notes about them, saying what you have found out.

This is the site you need to use for your Ancient Egypt research task: Ancient Egypt: Woodlands Junior School

Here is the site you need to complete your Ancient Egypt web trail task: Ancient Egypt Web Trail

Good luck!

Look at the different Gods and explore this website.

  • In your curriculum books, I want you to do a drawing of one of the Gods and make a fact file.
  • After this, create a God for modern day – God of Texting, God of The Internet etc. Draw it and then create a fact file.

Here is the link you need to complete the Ancient Greece worksheet: Ancient Greece For Kids

This is the rivers glossary site.

This is the link you need for the Rivers Web Trail: Information and Facts about Rivers

This is the link you need to explore a pond without getting your feet wet!