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This website will tell you everything you need to know to mummify a body. Use your ideas from the lesson to help create your instruction booklet.

Link: How To Mummify A Body

Task 7:

The death mask of King Tutankhamun is one of the first things people think of whenever they think about Ancient Egypt. We want you to include this idea somewhere in your presentation. You could make a copy of the mask to wear on the day, or use the colours as inspiration for your layout—you might want to find out more about him and use that information in your presentation.

Click the picture below for a larger version.

King Tutankhamun's Death Mask

Task 6:

Write a diary entry of ‘family life’. We have been doing independent research on this in class. Think about all you have learnt and think about the things that you do as a family that would have been done in Ancient Egypt.

Task 5:

Gods and Goddesses were a very important part of Ancient Egyptian life. We have learnt about a range of them this week. Your task is to either create a fact file of an Ancient Egyptian God or Goddess or create a God of Goddess for Modern Egypt.

Task 4:

We have been learning about farming in Ancient Egypt this week. Your homework task is to create an illustration showing what farming was like in Ancient Egypt. Think carefully about the people, tools, animals and all of the jobs involved. You might want to make a few small illustrations showing the three different seasons, or try to make one large picture focussing on different jobs around the farming community. As always, be creative!

Task 3:

This week you created a fact file about the River Nile. We would like you to use your research and information to write a factual poem about the River Nile. You can write in verses or make it into an acrostic poem. It should tell the reader what the River Nile is like and how it is useful to the people of Egypt.

 Here are some links you might find useful to complete this task:

Task 2:

This week you have been learning about primary and secondary sources of information. We came up with some good ideas in class about why primary sources are so valuable. Now imagine that someone in the future was learning about people who live in 2010. What could we bury or place in a time capsule for them to discover? What would it tell them about us? Write, draw or make something to show people what our life is like today.

Task 1:

Your first task is to create a pharaoh fact file. You will have looked at some pharaohs in class this week. Try to research some extra information that we didn’t cover in class using the internet (if possible), books from the library or any TV programmes you might catch! As always, think about showing the information in a creative way.

Here are some links that may help you with your first Ancient Egypt homework task.

I hope you find these useful!