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Investigate plant life cycles here!

This is the link you need to explore a pond without getting your feet wet!

Here is the site you need to complete your circuits work: Learning Circuits

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I’ve found a wordsearch to help you think about the vocabulary used in our currect Science topic, Reversible and Irreversible changes.

Be careful as some of the words you think you might have found are actually parts of larger words.

These words are contained in the wordsearch:

  • burn
  • change
  • condense
  • dissolve
  • effervesce
  • evaporate
  • filter
  • fizz
  • gas
  • heat
  • insoluble
  • irreversible
  • liquid
  • non-reversible
  • reversible
  • solid
  • soluble
  • vapour

Link: Reversible and irreversible changes wordsearch

Last week we also looked at Dinobase:

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A few websites about Habitats that may be useful: (All links should open in a new window)