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Human Circulatory System

BBC Bitesize – Circulatory System

Use these games to refresh your memory about electricity!

Woodlands Games

Use this website to do a virtual pond dip.

Pond Dip

Moons of Planets

Problem 1

Take Off Forces


Problem 2

Passenger Comfort – Take Off


Problem 3

Forces In Space


Problem 4

Passenger Comfort – Food and Sleep

Use this link to look at a solar system database.


Use these links to help you research animals in Antarctica.

BBC Nature

Cool Antarctica

Adapting To The Cold

Welcome back to school after the holidays!

Your first lesson in ICT is to begin thinking about our new topic. The title is ‘Ourselves’. In Science we are going to be learning about how we see things, keeping healthy and circulation. Your task today is to get a headstart with this work, using the following links to research these things.

Work through them carefully, don’t just have a quick look and then move on!

Here are links to the web sites we looked at in class. Please revise and don’t forget to make notes in your books too!

Here are some sites to help you revise last half term’s Science topic.