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What a shock choice from Mrs Pitts!!!!!

Goat Rescue

Use the resources carefully and make notes to help you with your newspaper report.

Here are some games for you to play to improve your Literacy skills.

BBC Revisewise

TES Literacy Games

Literacy Bootcamp – you can only use the first 6 days of this…

Woodlands Literacy Games


Use these links to improve your English!

BBC Revision

Woodlands Junior School Revision

CGP Book Revision

Crickweb Revision

Use these links to help you research the theatre in Tudor times.

Here are the two different hero machines we looked at in class today.

Have fun!

Take some time to write a short review of Clockwork by Philip Pullman using the tool below. Note that your stickies will be seen by everyone looking on the site.

Note that all the posts with SATs revision links are listed here. All the following links will open in a new window.

Literacy Web Links:

Numeracy Web Links:

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Here are some sites that may be useful in our King Arthur research:

Last week we also looked at Dinobase: