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Research what it is like to visit Antarctica. You can record the information in your own way (list, spidergram, table…), but you must include the following points: travel, animals, living conditions, work and play.

Lizzie’s Diary

Here are some links to blogs for you to look at:

Year 6 blog

Year 5 blog

Plymouth Grove Blog


What do they have in common?

Which do you like the best and why?

Is there anything you would like to incorporate into your own blog?

What ideas do you have to blog about?

Use these links to find out more about editing HTML.


Thimble Projects

Use the first link to access the tutorial for our lesson:

o2 Learn

Use these links to learn more about HTML:

Code Avengers

Code Academy

This link will help you to get goggles for our first task.


This is for more advanced editing html work:


Use these links to help with your research on The Great Exhibition:

The British Library

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Victorian School


Here are some useful revision links for your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test:

BBC Bitesize

Woodlands Games

Common Spellings


Explore these blogs.

Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 3

Blog 4

Why do people use blogs?

What do they have in common?

What aspects of e-safety do we need to be aware of when creating a blog?


Task: create a Smart Notebook to tell people about the e-safety rules you should stick to when writing a blog.

In pairs, have a look at these four websites. Read the information and write down anything that surprises you about what you have read. You will be feeding back to the class about what you have found.

Dog Island


Darth Vader Elections

Stop Abductions

Use these links in your ICT Group time.

Make notes about the Vikings on paper. You will be using these notes to create a Viking booklet in the last week of this Half Term. Try concentrating on one particular aspect of their lives, such as ‘Viking Settlements’, or ‘Vikings at Sea’. Make sure you can read your notes and that they are detailed enough to help you write your booklet.

BBC Vikings

The Vikings

10 Viking Facts

Viking Information