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Use this link to complete the computing task.

Ancient Greece Facts

Use these links to research the Ancient Olympics.

BBC Primary History

Ancient Greece Olympics

The Ancient Olympics

Ancient Greek Olympics

Schools in ancient Greece – use these websites to discover more about education in ancient Greece:

Website 1

Website 2

Website 3

Website 4

Here are the links to help you learn about everyday life in Ancient Greece.

BBC Ancient Greece Site

Ancient Greece

Use this link to answer the questions about Ancient Greece. Use your neatest handwriting so some can go on our display.

Ancient Greece

When you have finished the sheets, explore the site in detail.

These links will help you with your research.

BBC Ancient Greece Site

Ancient Greece Facts

Ancient Greek History

Woodlands School Website – Ancient Greece

The British Museum



London 1908 Information


London 1948 Information

These links will help you with your research for designing a programme of events for the Ancient Olympic Games. Take time to look at each one, making notes as you go along. Check the spellings of events too!

BBC Primary History – The Ancient Olympics

Ancient Greece – Olympics

The Ancient Olympics

Mr Donn’s Ancient Olympic Site

Ancient Olympics

Using the links below, identify and list factors that affected the way people lived and how they were treated.

Think about wealth, gender, age, where you lived, family history & position in society.

Use these websites to work out events that happened during 800BCE and 146BCE.

Look at the different Gods and explore this website.

  • In your curriculum books, I want you to do a drawing of one of the Gods and make a fact file.
  • After this, create a God for modern day – God of Texting, God of The Internet etc. Draw it and then create a fact file.