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These links will help you with you research about travelling by sea in Victorian times:

The SS Great Britain

The Royal Victoria Dock





These links will help you find out more about steam power in the Victorian Era:

Victorian Workshop

Victorian Railways

These links will give you more information about Locomotion No. 1:

Grace’s Guide to Steam Locomotives

Daily Mail News Report


These links will help you find out about travelling by horse in the Victorian times:

Carriages in the Victorian Era

London Transport Museum

These links will help you find out more about Victorian bicycles:

Penny Farthing Information

Bicycles in 1891



Use this website to find out some Mayan facts.

Mayan Facts

These links should help you with your homework task.

Grey Heron


Natterjack Toad

Canal Wildlife

UK Safari

HereĀ is a link to help you with the rivers fact sheet.


When you have finished, you can explore this website which tells you how we use water in our lives.

The Water Family

Use these links to help you research animals in Antarctica.

BBC Nature

Cool Antarctica

Adapting To The Cold

This link will help you with the survival task.

Woodland Trust

You can also search on google using a question.

For example: Are sweet chestnuts edible?