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Using the links below, identify and list factors that affected the way people lived and how they were treated.

Think about wealth, gender, age, where you lived, family history & position in society.

Here are links to the web sites we looked at in class. Please revise and don’t forget to make notes in your books too!

Use these websites to work out events that happened during 800BCE and 146BCE.

Complete the quiz and show that you know enough to fling your teacher away!

Compete in a jousting competition – can you beat your competitor?

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This morning, we would like you to complete at least one crossword, quiz or wordsearch from the links below. Some of the topics we haven’t covered in a lot of detail so you might want to spend a bit of time finding out more about them once you have completed an activity.

Links about food in Tudor times.

Use these links to help you research the theatre in Tudor times.

Here are some links that might be useful for your task this week. Remember , there are also some useful sites listed here.

Task 3:

This week we have looked at Henry’s wives and thought about each of their lives. We know the reasons Henry married each of them and the ways in which they separated. We would like you to create a dating webpage for a either a new wife for Henry, or for one of the wives he had. You need to include a portrait and some key information to help him make a decision (likes and dislikes, ambitions, age, interests, family background, where they come from etc.)


These are the websites and activities we looked at in today’s lesson:

These are the websites and activities we looked at in today’s lesson: