Use these links to help you research the plants of the rainforest.

The Virtual Rainforest

Plant Species

Amazon Plants and Trees

Rainforest Layers

Use these links to research the different layers of the rainforest:

Tropical Rainforests

Layers of a Rainforest

Rainforest Information

Rainforest Strata

Exploring the Rainforest

Rainforest Facts

Rainforest Layers

Play this game to practise your skills in reading and using co-ordinates.

Billy Bug

Use these websites to research flowers and soil types.

Flowers of the UK

What is the weather like in the UK?

Soil Types

The UK Flower Industry

10 easy to grow flowers

Use these links to improve your speed when recalling multiplication facts!

Times Table Rockstars – use your username and password to log in.

Teaching Tables – can you answer 20 questions in one minute?

Hit the button – test your multiplication and division facts here!

Using this link, find out more about the Celt’s way of life.

Celtic Life

Use these links to research for your piece of discussion writing.

BBC Roman Invasion

Children’s History – Romans

The Roman Invasion

BBC Bitesize Guide

BBC Bitesize Clip

The Romans

Roman Facts

BBC – How did the Romans change Britain?

BBC – Roman Remains

Use these links to improve your place value knowledge:

  1. Up to 100 thousand
  2. Place Value Grid
  3. Place Value Puzzle
  4. Place Value Quiz


Use these websites to research a range of assistive technologies:

Website 1

Website 2

Website 3

These links will help you if you are researching the history of mobile phones:

History of mobile phones

Mobile handsets

Mobile phone timeline

Mobile evolution